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      Michio Mouse and the Magic Spectacles New

      A courageous young mouse named Michio sets off on a quest to find
      the fabled Magic Spectacles and the solution to the famine that his
      community is experiencing when the cheese factory that they call
      home closes down. Along the way he meets the delightful Mousekeline
      and his country cousins, the wise old Zen Hen and a poetry reciting pig.
      Michio discovers that living in harmony with nature is the key.
      He dedicates his life to spreading this message.

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          Little Tree Talk is a friendly forum for discussing and sharing ideas related
          to truly holistic living and thinking.
          Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to, macrobiotics,
          Chinese medicine, Western nutrition, Ayurveda, armchair quantum physics,
          energy therapies, understanding nature and our place in it, meditation,
          mysticism, pondering the nature of reality, our connection to the infinite,
          the mysteries of existence, deep transformation and much more.
          Your contribution and input is welcome and invited.

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