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Treatment of Disturbance of Functional Occlusion Syndrome (DOFOS™)


Headaches, neck and back complaints affect a large portion of the population. Research suggests that many cases, as well as other maladies, may be related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, instigated by a malocclusion. This study evaluated an innovative solution to this complex syndrome. A 20-year-old female student underwent the first phase of the Disturbance of Functional Occlusion (DOFOS™) protocol, involving a dental appliance that normalised mandibular function. Thirty symptoms were monitored daily in a self report questionnaire, developed for the study. Comfort levels, especially associated with headaches, improved. Due to the design of the study involving only one subject, the promising results can only be extrapolated to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder population pending further investigation.

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