Ilanit's European Adventure 2002

a trilogy in four parts

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Birthday Bon Voyage Party, August 2002, Melanie, Meaghan, Inna and I.

School friends - Tammy, Alissa, Nicole and I at the party.

Dorothy, Peter, Amnon, Merryl, Cameron, my Dad and I at Rosati's, Melbourne.

Me and Rodney.

My Dad and I at the party.

Birthday Bon Voyage Mark II at Lotus Bar, Melbourne. Kelly, me and Meaghan.

Doing the tourist thing at the Zaanse Schans, Holland.

Who's a real Dutch girl, now?

Stand here and be intoxicated by the aroma from the Dutch cocoa factories across the water at the Zaanse Schans.

Big shoes to fill in Marken, Holland.

Federation of Damanhur, Valchiusella, Italy being watched over by the ruins of the ancient Roman lookout tower.

A Damanhurian building - artwork is changed periodically on all buildings to keep the atmosphere fresh and alive.

Mark is accompanied by a friendly plant. Or is it the other way around?!

When I gave the plant some (filtered) water, the electrical potential it produced and was heard by us as sound through a synthesizer, changed. When I gave it too much water, it scared me by going completely quiet. Then is started again. Phew! It had only stopped singing to drink!

Mark inspects an electric car at Damanhur.

The beautiful city of Turin, Italy.

A friendly squirrel in the grounds of Hampstead Heath, England.

The famous house from the movie Notting Hill in the grounds of Hampstead Heath, England.

Inside the grand manor house.

The monument to the Great Fire of London.

The spiral staircase inside the monument - the ultimate fitness challenge! 311 steps, phew...

The climb to the top was worth it for this view.

The Tower Bridge.

Setting my watch to Greenwich Mean Time.

Mark and I at Greenwich. A borough of Greater London. It is the site of the original Royal Observatory, through which passes the prime meridian, or longitude 0°.

I danced in two time zones at once!

Seeing stars at Greenwhich Observatory Museum.

Getting up to monkey business with Natalie and Patrick and their mum, Lise, my Cambridge cousins.

Boys will be boys! - My little cousins, Joshusa, Sasha and Greisha and I in London.

Me reading Muizen Verhalen, (Mice Stories) a favourite book of mine when I was little to my little cousin Leah in The Hague, Holland.

Leah kept me entertained with her antics.

Castle Overcinge's fortress gates, Havelte, Holland.

These doors will keep any uninvited guests away.

The yellow brick road had nothing on this place - magical paths in the woods surrounding Castle Overcinge.

The top right hand window was my room in the Castle. I should have grown my hair long and waited for my macrobiotic prince to come...

A girl could get used to a royal residence like this.

Ain't Mother Nature grand?

A sun-kissed canopy of trees line this picturesque avenue in the Overcinge woods.

Is this my knight in shining armour? He sure hung around a lot in the entrance hall of the castle.

The Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Art of Life School Level One class, Autumn 2002, Castle Overcinge, Holland.

Two of my roommates, Takako and Eman from Japan and Saudi Arabia and me on graduation night.

Eman and I had lots of fun in Havelte.

All the students of the Kushi Institute course on graduation night.

Mmm... our taste buds were well looked after during the courses.

I'll bet the locals don't see many tourists excitedly photographing the sign to this sleepy little town in Noord Brabant, Holland. But this isn't any old town - this is where I lived as a small child. Pronounced as Couwk.

Waiting for the Pont - ferry on the banks of the Maas River, Cuijk, Holland.

This is where we used to wait for St Nicholas. No sign of him today...

Mijnheer Van Duijnhoven and his daughter Marian - our former neighbours take a rest during our hike at the Mookerheide, Holland. Marian and her siblings used to babysit for me when I was a toddler.

The view of the old church in Cuijk from across the river Maas.

The playground from my childhood was still there - and the giant toadstools stood the test of time.

Can you see why I fell in love with Amsterdam?

The street where I stayed during my last month in Amsterdam.

Minervaplein, Amsterdam, around the corner from the apartment - perfect for all public transport connections.

A canal at dusk.

The world famous macrobiotic study centre in Amsterdam.

I always received a warm reception here.

With a selection like this, you can understand why I often dropped in for lunch.

The well stocked Kushi Institute store.

Cooking lessons from the queen of the kitchen - Wieke Nelissen.

Guasha tools from around the globe on display at the Guasha course in Rotterdam, Holland.

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