"What is he talking about?" asked the editor. "What kind of danger is he in now?"
"Donít you see? Thatís how the Darkside must be doing it. Theyíre cutting the links, the glue that holds hypertext together, so the scientists that weíve lost since Radolsky canít find their way out. They have confused the scientistsí schema so the scientists are effectively lost in cyberspace."
"Thatís right, Mr Gates," said Figment, appearing in a chefís hat in a cookery forum. "The only reason that I have evaded them thus far is that my imagination is highly developed. It would take a lot to foil my sche-ma of thingssssssÖ" He ducked as a butcherís cleaver flew in his direction, clipping the top of his white hat. "Yikes! Iím outa here!" He popped out of the site.
"His textual dexterity is remarkable," Gates observed.
"Thank you," said Figment, popping back, in the middle of a basketball court in a Magic Johnson website. A basketball flew in his direction. He caught it nonchalantly, hooked it over his shoulder and through the net for a three pointer. Stepping onto the sidelines, he said, "Iím leading them a merry dance and I think I found out where the scientists are being heeeeeeldÖ" Two men in dark suits strode across the court in Figmentís direction and the little god of imagination promptly popped out of the site.
"If heís found out where they are keeping the scientists are, maybe he canÖ"Gates began.
"Bill!" the editor said sharply. "We canít send the little chap on a rescue mission. He likes to pretend heís brave and strong, but itís all in his imagination really. Why, only recently, he was hospitalized for cancer of the imagination. Heís overcome that, but I donít want to unduly stress him."
"Nonsense, Mr Editor. I appreciate your concern, but Iím as fit as a fiddle!" Figment declared from beside the sphinx in an archeology forum. "Iíve discovered that they lured the scientists into a physics site and then cut all the links. The scientists were so engrossed in browsing through it, that it was days before they noticed they were trapped, and by then it was too late. But Iíve found a way to get them out and the way back home!"

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Illustrations by Rhonda Willson, © 1996.