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Information kit

An information kit (see Appendix E) mailed to subjects prior to the scheduled appointment, contained the following items: a cover letter, confirming appointment time, a map of Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn Campus, and directions where to go for the appointment, an information sheet about the study for parents, and one for each child participating, a consent form for each child and one copy of the Conners' Parents' Rating Scale - 93 (CPRS-93), (Conners, 1989) for each child. The original format of the questionnaire (see Appendix E ) was amended to improve clarity and compliance in its completion (see Appendix G). In the instances where more than one child per family was scheduled to participate, a removable sticker with the child's name was attached to the questionnaire. Questionnaires in these packages were printed with the subjects' case number and the letter A to signify that this was the questionnaire administered prior to the VRDE.

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