Virtual reality session equipment
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During the Virtual Reality session the following equipment was used:

1 Sony Video Camera Recorder Hi8 (NTSC). Model CCD-TR400.

1 Virtual i.o. Head Mounted Display (HMD) (NTSC). Serial number A0021100006589.

1 Jaycar Electronics Battery Eliminator, 500mA, 6 VDC. Model MP-3030.

1 Seiko stopwatch. Model S111-5009. Serial number 3D2269.

1 Zelco Industries Micro Fluorescent Lantern. Model 10018. This lantern contains a dim light that the experimenter used when recording relevant details and a fluorescent light that was switched on when subjects signalled that they wished to end the session.

1 Fuji Hi8 MP P6-60 tape containing 32 minutes of edited footage of spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata), filmed in Hawaiian waters.

1 Sony 8mm Video Head Cleaning Cassette 8/Hi 8. Model V8-25CLH. Serial number 1003162.

1 bound volume containing the details for one subject per page (see Appendix I).

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