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The participants and their families, as well as all the parents who responded to the call for subjects.

Academic advice, enthusiasm and voice of reason
    Alex Sergejew, supervisor, Swinburne University of Technology.

Printing and technical support
    Samuel Tof, Tennyson Graphics, Melbourne.

    Steven Birch, Interspecies Research and Development, Melbourne.

Statistical advice
    Lesley Freeman.
    Paul Maruff.
    Peter Pahl, M.Sc (Statistics) Monash.

    Helen Carter, The Herald Sun, Melbourne.
    Maree McNamara, The Medical Observer.
    Nicole Lindsey, 3RRR radio.
    Paul Morgan, Media Manager, Reuters Australia.
    Emma Martin, A Current Affair, Channel Nine, Melbourne.
    Catherine Lambert, The Sunday Herald Sun.
    Maree Curtis, The Age, Melbourne.

ADD/ADD support, source of subjects, kineseology testing and enthusiasm
    Janine Michael.

Dolphin therapy information
    Dr David Nathanson, Dolphin Human Therapy, Miami, Florida, USA.
    Elizabeth Smart, The Dolphin and Marine Medical Research Foundation, Florida, USA.

    Dr Lionel Lubitz, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.
    Sarah Cole, LaTrobe University, Speech Pathology.

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