AD/HD group
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Four subjects were provided by a psychologist. The remaining 24 subjects were respondents to the article. Of the 28 who had an appointment scheduled, one was unable to participate. The response rate of the remaining 27 subjects for the second questionnaire was 96.3 %; one subjects did not return the second questionnaire. A total of 26 participants in the AD/HD group completed the session and returned both questionnaires and were included in the analysis. The mean age of these 26 subjects was 10.8 years, with a standard deviation of 3.2 years.

Figure 1
AD/HD Medicated

Figure 2

AD/HD & Control
Of the AD/HD group, 54% had at least one sibling with AD/HD also participating, 23% had a sibling participating in the control group, and 31 subjects did not have a sibling taking part in the study. In one case, two AD/HD participants had a non AD/HD sibling also participating. Of the AD/HD subjects, 67% were taking medication for their attentional disorder (see Figure 1) and 39% of subjects lived in non-metropolitan areas of Victoria. Girls comprised 35% ,and boys 65% of the AD/HD group (see Figure 2).

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